About Us



PROTIME begins with the choice; to make a positive change. To progress every day in your own way and always strive to be better.

As the chief officer at PROTIME, I have witnessed first-hand the amazing progress of the brand and company as it strives to improve what it does day by day. That really is at the heart of the PROTIME team and those connected to it. Improving every day is what we stand for and promote and it’s why the team here does what it does.

PROTIME was started by a group of motivated students over 3 years ago, and we have been on an amazing journey since. From humble beginnings of a small fitness brand we’ve grown and are now supplying premium performance clothing to over 10 countries.

Behind PROTIME is a whole movement of dedicated Ambassadors and Members who have brought us here. Through these people we’ve developed into a community filled with inspirational people who are dedicated to be the best version of themselves.

We owe a huge thanks to our Ambassadors and the community for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of it as we strive to reach new heights!

PROTIME is more than a brand, It’s a lifestyle!



PROTIME Fitness is where it all began. We wanted a platform that brought together like minded people serious about self-improvement and fitness. As well as providing premium fitness wear, clothing, accessories, workout guides and support; we have an amazing community for sharing tips, showing progress and so you can interact with people who think like you.

We’ve connected with many hard working individuals who are always pushing themselves. No matter what stage of your fitness journey there is somebody to connect with in our community.


PROTIME is always looking for motivated people to come join our community. Contact us today if you think that’s you have what it takes, you can get more information on our members page at the link below. 


PROTIME Tech was the second major addition to PROTIME which combined innovating technology and enhanced nutrition. We began development following feedback from our Ambassadors, who wanted access to reliable and high performing supplements. Using our extensive contacts in the fitness industry we sourced out the best supplements and brought them all together in one platform. Our Ambassadors now have exclusive access to these at a highly discounted price, allowing them the not only the choice of products but the confidence knowing that they’re going to see progress.

Through PROTIME Tech we’re always creating innovative products to make your journey easier, with our unique protein dispenser and advanced supplements. We’re busy creating state of the art products that are going to disrupt the fitness world, so make sure you keep up to date at www.protimetech.com.

You’ll see results with PROTIME Tech.


PROTIME Stash is our latest addition. As PROTIME Fitness evolved and drew in more and more high achieving athletes and sportspeople, we were flooded with requests for personalised fitness clothing from teams and organisations.

Our belief is that by promoting the individuality and uniqueness of your team, club or society we’ll help you stand out and be noticed. We provide customised sportswear and personalised clothing for each group’s individual needs. We’ve also offered sponsorship to gifted individuals and to teams to help them on their journey.

“I’m proud to have worked with so many talented and hard-working teams and glad that we could be a part of your journey.”

Peter – PROTIME 

I’ve seen first hand that PROTIME is always evolving and growing. The PROTIME team is always working to create positive change and offer the best products and services for our community. But being PROTIME is more than using a product or service, it’s a public declaration of your commitment to create positive change in yourself.

#dontwastetime – Be PROTIME